Our Story

Co Founder: 

This is the co-founder and shareholder of Nana's Studio. A Hong Kong girl who came to Australia for five years.

Why did you start up Nana's Studio?

Since being in Australia, 'I couldn't buy any suitable bra for myself, so realized that many bra and under-wear aren't suitable for Asia/ petites women in foreign countries.' As size are usually way too big or uncomfortable to wear.

And I truly believe its bad for ladies by not wearing the right or comfortable bra. As a suitable bra could support and give better shape for women's breast.

Since then, I did a lot of research about wireless and orthosis bra. On 2018 school summer holiday, I decided travel to Japan to find suppliers.

So Why Japan?

I respect Japanese working attitude on product's details. And Japan's obsession with details has led to one of the most advanced packaging culture in the world.

So, I'm hoping to apply Japan's business technique and attitude to provide high quality body-wear to women especially in western countries.

What's special about Nana's Studio?

Nana's products are using special stitching technique - Non-tailor made skill for all seamless bra . In order to provide 'comfy, weightless' like an oxygen feels while wearing Nana's bra.