Care Guide

Care Guide

Wash and Protect

Always wash your lingerie and delicate nightwear in a washbag to protect from being damaged. The clips should be fastened on your bra when placed in the washbag to protect hooks from damaging other delicate garments and from rubbing on the drum of your washing machine.

Ban the Bleach

Cold wash in a soft detergent. Normal washing powder is fine, just don’t use any harmful cleaners such as bleach as this may damage the fabric of your garment. Wash light and dark colours separately to avoid any chance of colour running!

Ditch the Dryer

Dry in the shade and not in direct sunlight. The heat & light of the sun will cause the elastics to deteriorate and will also cause fading. Never tumble dry as the heat from the dryer will cause similar damage to your lingerie as direct sunlight.